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For your guidance only, we have included information on cooking times and temperatures. This does not allow for variations relating to the type of appliance you may be using.


Fillet Steak - Exquisitely tender! This prime cut of beef is best cooked simply. The perfect cut for steaks - Tournedos or Chateaubriand - or use the whole fillet for the classic Beef Wellington.
Sirloin Steak - The classic cut for steaks - full of flavour and tender, ready to cook just the way you like it!
TBone Steak - So you've got a healthy appetite? This is the perfect cut for you! Served with fresh vegetables and potatoes, or with a crisp salad and French fries - well cooked or rare - it's a delicious plateful!
Rump Steak - A popular alternative to the more expensive cuts, this lean and tender steak is ideal for grilling or frying.
Rib-eye steak - A very tender, succulent steak, prepared from the Rib Eye Roll, the steaks are cut cross-grain and of perfect, even thickness. Ideal for grilling.
Minute Steak - Thin slices of tender steak, quick to fry or grill. Makes a delicious steak sandwich in a hunk of French bread.
Frying Steak

- A popular alternative to the more expensive cuts, this lean and tender steak is ideal for grilling or frying.

Peppered Steak -Frying steak covered with crushed peppercorns. It's tender and full of flavour.
Rolled Sirloin - The traditional roast beef! A prime and juicy joint taken off the bone and rolled ready to roast.
Top Rump - This lean cut is ideal sliced for frying or diced for a quick and simple stir fry. Just as tasty whole for pot roasting or braising, as it is sliced and fried.
Rolled Silverside - A good value roasting joint, with loads of taste. Perfect for everyday meals.

Salmon Cut

-This roasting joint is taken from the silverside. It is tender and full of flavour. Delicious served hot or cold with a little mustard. Serves approx. 2 -3 people
Rib Roast - This moist succulent cut comes boned and rolled. Enjoy it with yorkshire puddings and all the trimmings for a classic Sunday lunch. Alternatively, we can supply this classic cut bone-in.
Rolled Topside - A favourite for roasting, the lean, boneless joint that's perfect served hot with fresh vegetables or cold salads.
Rolled Brisket - Ideal for long, slow, cooking - a wholesome casserole joint boned and rolled ready for cooking and carving. Great value for money when cooking for a crowd!
Braising Steak

- Diced or sliced - whatever your preference. This tasty cut makes all the family's favourite casseroles and stewed meat dishes, from the traditional hot pots to the more exotic Goulash.

Stewing Steak

- This tasty meat is ideal for stews and hot pots. Wholesome , economical and good for cold days.

Steak Mince

- Our Steak mince is very good quality mince. It is lean and full of flavour. Mince is so versatile. Use it in all your favourite dishes eg Lasange, Meat Balls, Cottage Pie, Bobotie,Chilli con Carne or just plain mince and potatoes.
Steak and Kidney - Diced steak and kidney mixed. This pack is ideal for making your own stews and pies.
Ox Tail  
Boerewors - A spicy South African Sausage and change from the usual bangers!

Beef Burgers

- Made from our very good steak mince meat these burgers are delicious served with chutneys and/or relishes. A firm favourite with children and teenagers.

Beef Sausages

- It's no secret what we put in our sausages. Pure beef and a little seasoning! Your children will love them. Serve with mashed potatoes.
Beef Cocktail Sausages - Pure beef sausages, ideal for childrens parties, snacks and Christmas time.

Beef Olives

- 'Parcels' of sausage meat wrapped in thin slices of steak.Cook in a casserole dish in the oven and serve hot. Its a real treat!
Beef Lorne Slice - Also known as square slice. This delicious sausage meat can be fried or grilled.
Beef Lorne Block - Sausage meat unsliced. Useful for sage and onion stuffing.
Beef Onion Slice - Sausage meat with onion. Delicious fried or grilled.
Sage and Onion Beef Stuffing  
Luncheon Tongue (sliced) - Thinly sliced tongue.Delicious served cold with a mustard sauce.Serve with salads or on bread.
Haggis - A scottish dish. Traditional on Burns night but delicious anytime. Put the Haggis into a pot.Cover with water.Bring to the boil and then gently simmer for twenty minutes. Serve with potatoes and swede.
Beef Spread - Four pots of tasty, spicey meat spread. Delicious on crusty bread.
Beef Dripping  
Individual Steak and Kidney Pies - Tender steak and kidney with a lid of light, rich puff pastry. A firm favourite!
Individual Steak Pies - 4 Individual Steak Pies packed with meat in a delicious gravy. These pies are the real thing. Very tasty and convenient - ideal for the single person
Small Steak Pie - Makes a convenient meal served with vegetables . This pie is packed with tender meat in a delicious gravy.
Medium Steak Pie - This pie is full of tender meat in a delicious gravy. Will make a convenient meal for 2 to 3 people
Large Steak Pie - This pie makes a good meal for 4 to 6 people. It is full of tender meat in a delicious gravy. Try it - you won't be disappointed.
Mince Round - Delicious mince encased in pastry. A firm favourite with children and very convenient.
Sausage Rolls - Sausage meat wrapped in puff pastry.
Bite Size Sausage Rolls - These make a wholesome snack and are very good for parties and special functions.
Biltong (sliced) - This South African delicacy is made from good cuts of meat, spiced and dried. It will be eaten faster than you would have believed possible. A wonderful snack to be served with drinks or eat on a sandwich.
Droewors (Sausage)

 - Delicious tasty snack. A traditional South African dried sausage, packed with meat and spices. This delicacy can be enjoyed anytime.




Quarters and Sides of Beef

Ordering quarters or sides is the most cost effective method of buying our beef in a large quantity,

and provides a selection of the major cuts. When ordering please contact us for an exact cost based

on the weight before cutting. You may also wish to give special instructions or preference for amount

 of stewing beef, beef links, mince etc and pack sizes for all cuts.



Hind Quarter of Beef

(code G87) £6.25/kg

Steaks:- fillet, sirloin, T-Bone, rump, frying, minute

Roasts:- sirloin, topside, silverside, salmon cut

Also:-   steak mince, sausages, lorne slice, burgers


Fore Quarter of Beef

(code H88) £4.23/kg

Steaks:- rib-eye            Roasts:- rib, rolled brisket

Also:- braising and stewing steak, sausages, mince, burgers.

Side of Beef

(code I89) £5.23/kg

The above prices are on a collect from the farm basis.

If delivery by courier is required the

price of our Quarters and Sides will be as follows:-

Hind Qtr delivered £7.45/kg

Fore Qtr delivered £5.03/kg

Side of Beef delivered £6.03/kg



Each box is one fourth of a side of beef and gives you a taste of everything.
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Alongside the Herefords we graze the “Airies” Texel and Romney sheep flocks.

Both breeds of lamb are renown for tenderness and succulence.

From the progeny of the flock we sell lamb for freezers.

Traditional Scottish cut :-

Rolled shoulder, Leg Roast (bone in), Gigot, Chump, Single Loin, Double Loin

Flank and Shank, Kidney and liver.

"Airies Lamb" Whole Lamb
  Half Lamb



Guide to Cooking Times and Temperatures

Method of Cooking
Cooking Details





at 180deg C

or 350deg F

or Gas Mark 4

Rare              20min per 454g (1 lb) plus 20min

Medium         25min per 454g (1 lb) plus 25min

Well done      30min per 454g (1 lb) plus 30min
Sirloin Steak
Grill or fry

Rare              2cm(3/4“ thick) 2 ½ min each side

Medium         2cm(3/4“ thick) 3 ½ min each side

Well Done     2cm(3/4“ thick) 6     min each side
Rump Steak
Grill or fry

Rare              2cm(3/4“ thick) 2 ½ min each side

Medium         2cm(3/4“ thick) 3 ½ min each side

Well Done     2cm(3/4“ thick) 6     min each side
Fillet Steak
Grill or fry

Rare              2cm(3/4“ thick) 2 ½ min each side

Medium         2cm(3/4“ thick) 3 ½ min each side

Well Done     2cm(3/4“ thick) 6     min each side

Braising Steak
Long slow cooking, Gas Mk 4 , 180deg C, 350deg F or over a low heat on top of the cooker
Stewing beef
Long slow cooking in liquid for 3-4 hours (shin) 2 ½  - 3 hours (chuck) Gas Mk 3 , 160deg C, 325deg F or over a low heat on top of the cooker.
Casserole Steak



Long slow cooking in liquid for 3-4 hours (shin) 2 ½  - 3 hours (chuck) Gas Mk 3 , 160deg C, 325deg F or over a low heat on top of the cooker.



Useful tips for cooking beef


  1. Ensure meat is in the centre of the oven.
  2. Preheat the oven to 180deg C, 350deg F or Gas Mark 4/5
  3. Beef and Lamb can be medium cooked in 20 – 25 minutes per lb plus 20 – 25 minutes (5 minutes extra will be required for well done and 5 minutes less for rare). Precise timing will depend on the cooking appliance.
  4. When roasting a stuffed joint, weigh it with the stuffing in to calculate the cooking time.
  5. Always place joints in a tin with the largest cut surface exposed and any fat on top so that it automatically bastes.
  6. If the meat is covered, allow an additional 5 minutes per lb over the calculated cooking time.
  7. Roasting meat from frozen is likely to result in a tough texture. Allow frozen meat to thaw through fully before cooking.
  8. Once cooked, allow the joint to rest for 10 minutes in a warm place. This will make carving easier.



  1. Preheat the grill on maximum setting for a few minutes before use.
  2. Maintain a gap of 5cm (2ins) between the meat and the heat source.
  3. Trim excess fat from meat.
  4. Any cuts of meat susceptible to drying out, should be brushed with a little oil to keep moist. If necessary this should be repeated during cooking.
  5. Steaks may be brushed with a glaze before grilling.
  6. Seal both sides of the meat at maximum setting then reduce to a moderate heat for the remainder of the cooking time.
  7. Cooking times will vary with the thickness of meat.



  1. Seal meat and vegetables by browning in oil in a large pan
  2. This method of cooking can be done either on the hob or in the oven.
  3. The meat is simmered slowly at a low temperature with added liquid.
  4. Our stewing steak (sliced or diced) can be used with this method.
  5. Steaks can be left whole.
  6. Extra flavours can be achieved through the use of vegetables, herbs, spices and a variety of liquids including wine, ale, cider or stock.
  7. Cooking temperatures for this method should be 170deg C, 325deg F or Gas Mark 3. Cooking times will vary from one hour to more than three hours depending on the type and thickness of the meat being used.
  8. Toppings such as sliced potatoes can be added during the cooking time.


Pot Roasting

  1. Always use a heavy based pan
  2. The joint should be browned first and then the vegetables added. These too should be browned.
  3. A variety of liquids can then be added to cook the joint (stock, ale, wine, cider etc)
  4. Vegetables, herbs and seasonings all add extra flavouring.
  5. Added vegetables such as potatoes may help thicken the liquid.
  6. It should not be necessary to take the lid off except to turn the joint.
  7. Trim excess fat from the joint.
  8. Boned and rolled joints are good for this method of cooking.



  1. Meat is best generally shallow fried in fat heated to between 145 – 220deg C (300-425deg F)
  2. To prevent spitting during cooking dry the meat on kitchen paper beforehand.
  3. During shallow frying heat the oil on a moderately high setting, add meat and seal both sides. Reduce heat to a moderate setting and cook through.
  4. Remember different oils may give different results. Olive oil gives a continental flavour for example.
  5. To prevent hot oil from spitting use a splatter guard.
  6. Dry frying, where meat is placed in a cold pan and slowly heated so that it cooks in its own fat, is useful to promote as a healthier way of frying.
  7. Stirfry is a useful way to promote quick frying of meat and is particularly appropriate in a dual promotion with vegetables.
  8. In all other methods except stirfrying, drain meat on kitchen paper before serving.