Frequently Asked Questions

Hereford Prime Direct has developed this page to answer any questions you may have. If your questions are not answered from the information below, please do not hesitate to contact us on 01776 854226 or email,

Q How do I order?
Q Why do you take credit card payments over the telephone?
Q How will my meat arrive?
Q What if I am not entirely satisfied?
Q Why are there sometimes issues about stock availability?
Q What principles does Hereford Prime Direct run their company by?
Q Why do you freeze the meat?


Q How do I order?
If ordering over the Internet:
2. Browse the products and add goods to your shopping basket.
3. When ready to process your order: go to your shopping basket and check your order.
4. You will be asked to provide name and address information and then submit your order.
5. After your order is submitted we will contact you to advise on delivery times and to receive payment .You can pay using Visa, MasterCard, Switch/Maestro, Solo, Delta or by cheque.

You can also order by telephone:
1. Telephone 01776 854226
2. Our helpful staff will confirm availability of your ordered items, and arrange a suitable delivery time.

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Q Why do you take credit card payments over the telephone?
We understand that not everyone is comfortable paying by credit card over the Internet. Credit card security is a major worry for Internet shoppers. Only by taking the card payment over the telephone: can we guarantee your credit card security.

Also, from personal experience we realise that entering payment details can be slow and frustrating. By taking payment over the telephone, we can solve any issues as they arise, making it quicker and easier to pay.

The card information will be noted in order to process the order, although these details will be shredded once your payment is processed. We will never keep your details longer than is necessary. This may mean if there are issues over payment, we may have to call again to gather the details.

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Q How will my meat arrive?
The individual meat products are packaged, labelled and then blast frozen.
For delivery the beef is then packed in polystyrene boxes and a container. Food food safe filler is used to fill any spaces in the container.
This means the meat will stay frozen for over 24 hours.

Your meat should arrive in perfect condition, with your products
frozen. Open the package immediately. You then have the choice
In the freezer or allowing to defrost.

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Q What if I'm not entirely satisfied?

Hereford Prime Direct takes every care for your order to reach you in perfect condition. We take pride in our products and expect you to have a great eating experience from them.

Hereford Prime Direct can offer you basic cooking instructions to ensure you get the best from your beef.

If you are not satisfied with your beef, please contact us on:

Tel: 01776 854226
Address: Hereford Prime Direct
Mains of Airies

When you contact us, you will be asked what the nature of the problem is and the batch number from the label. We will adhere to resolve any issues or problems quickly and fully. Our aim is to solve all complaints within two days. Each complaint will be dealt with on an individual basis, with refunds being entirely at the discretion of the company management.

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Q Why are there sometimes issues about stock availability?

At Hereford Prime Direct we pride ourselves on our pure, homebred, Hereford cattle. We have an efficient system of rearing, slaughtering and butchering to give you a high quality, naturally produced product. This process is relatively time consuming: with time taken to nurture the animal: time taken to allow it to naturally grow to the appropriate age: time taken to hang the beef. This means that in periods of high demand, we may have to ask you to wait for the meat to fully mature before we can deliver your order.

We hope you appreciate that producing top quality Hereford Prime Beef takes time: we are a small farm so the process of naturally producing the products restricts the output of the farm.

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Q What principles do Hereford Prime Direct run their business by?

Integrated Farm Management (IFM) is the term used to describe the principles under which the farm is run, and it is for this reason that we have become members of L.E.A.F (Linking Environment And Farming)

IFM principles include:
- A commitment to good husbandry and animal welfare
- Efficient soil management and appropriate cultivation techniques
- The use of crop rotations
- Minimum reliance on chemicals and fertilisers
- Careful choice of seed varieties
- Maintenance of the landscape and rural communities
- Enhancement of wildlife habitats

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Q: Why is the meat frozen?
At Hereford Prime Direct we believe that freezing is the best way to seal in the freshness and tenderness of the beef. We use a technique called Blast Freezing, which unlike traditional freezing techniques has the following benefits:
" The meat is cooled very quickly, thus the meat is in the danger temperature zone for a shorter period of time. This improves hygiene and food safety.
" Colour, texture, flavour, structure and nutritional value are locked in.
" Helps keep food looking good.
" The structure of the food does not change: thus once the meat is defrosted it tastes just like fresh meat

Fresh meat orders can also be made if you prefer but these orders may take from 1 to 4 weeks for despatch depending on our chilled meat stock.

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