Healthy by Nature
Hereford Prime beef is "unique", in so much as all the cattle selected are progeny from the noted "ERVIE HEREFORD" pedigree herd, and are bred solely for beef, leading to predictable consistency without compromise. The farm is a member of the Scottish Farm Assurance Scheme, providing the herd with a nutritious and stress-free environment with good husbandry.
Herefords grazing by the shore
Quality Meat Scotland
The cattle are reared naturally on their mothers and then are "grass-fed" with some home-grown grain and fodder crops added to the diet at times to improve the nutrition.
Traceability is also assured because as well as having the famous "white-head" of the Hereford, each calf's identity is recorded at birth and the entire life history of each animal and its sire and dam can be guaranteed.

Views around the farm

Why not organic?
Our belief that farming organically is not necessarily best for either our farm livestock, the farm wildlife or even the final consumer.
Integrated Farm Management (IFM)is the term used to describe the principles under which the farm is run, and it is for this reason that we have become members of L.E.A.F.(Linking Environment And Farming)
Sea view from Mains of Airies
IFM principles include:

• a commitment to good husbandry and animal welfare
• efficient soil management and appropriate cultivation techniques
• the use of crop rotations
• minimum reliance on chemicals and fertilisers
• careful choice of seed varieties
• maintenance of the landscape and rural communities
• enhancement of wildlife habitats
Linking Environment and Farming

LEAF define IFM as "A whole farm policy providing the basis for efficient and profitable production which is economically viable and environmentally responsible. IFM integrates beneficial natural processes into modem farming practices using advanced technology. It aims to minimise environmental risks while conserving, enhancing and recreating that which is of environmental importance." This is what we believe in.