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The best of beef
Through careful breeding and selection, over many generations, the Hereford breed has developed into the world’s most efficient converter of natural forage into beef.
In recent years unfortunately, the quality of beef offered to the consumer has been sacrificed for quantity and the beef cattle in Britain today are crosses of many different types and breeds. It is hardly surprising therefore that there is such a variation in the eating quality of beef sold to the British consumer.

Juicy topside roast

The basis of Hereford development over the past 200+ years was eating quality, not quantity. Now is the time to renew our commitment to the eating quality of beef, which includes tenderness,juiciness and taste. For that we continue to rely on cattle such as the Hereford!

Hereford Prime beef has excellent eating qualities without excess fat, partly due to a degree of marbling. (Marbling appears as small white flecks throughout a quality cut of beef and enhances flavour and juiciness)

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