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Mail Order succulent British Beef at its very best - that's Hereford Prime Direct! Coming to you direct from our farm here in Dumfries and Galloway, where our quality beef is home-produced in beautiful South West Scotland.

Order from our on-line shop or use mail order and enjoy traditional British Beef in all its mouth-watering forms. From fillet steaks, sirloin, popeseye and rib, to braising steak and steak pies, Hereford Prime Direct brings you naturally produced; top-quality beef cuts direct to your home.

Herefords have developed over two centuries of careful breeding into the world's most efficient converter of natural forage into good quality, tender, juicy beef, with no excess fat. Hereford Prime cattle are reared naturally on their mothers and then grass-fed, with our own grain and fodder crops to improve their nutrition.

From our on-farm butchery, we provide the full range of frozen beef cuts, an extensive range of frozen cooked beef products, and fresh meat orders, too. All the beef is hung on-the-bone for a minimum of three weeks in our butchery: giving you some of the best mail order meat around!

Order online or via the mail order service and your Hereford Prime Beef is delivered direct to your door within two to three days, arriving in perfect condition, with the highest quality assured.



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