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Quarters and Sides of Beef

Ordering quarters or sides is the most cost effective method of buying our beef in a large quantity, and provides a selection of the major cuts.

When ordering please contact us for an exact cost based on the weight before cutting. You may also wish to give special instructions or preference for amount of stewing beef, beef links, mince etc and pack sizes for all cuts.


Hind Quarter of Beef (code G87) £6.25/kg

Steaks:- fillet, sirloin, T-Bone, rump, frying, minute

Roasts:- sirloin, topside, silverside, salmon cut

Also:-   steak mince, sausages, lorne slice, burgers


Fore Quarter of Beef (code H88) £4.23/kg

Steaks:- rib-eye            Roasts:- rib, rolled brisket

Also:- braising and stewing steak, sausages, mince, burgers.

Side of Beef (code I89) £5.23/kg

The above prices are on a collect from the farm basis.

If delivery by courier is required

the price of our Quarters and Sides will be as follows:-

Hind Qtr Delivered £7.45/kg

Fore Qtr Delivered £5.03/kg

Side of Beef Delivered £6.03/kg



Alongside the Herefords we graze the “Airies” Texel and Romney sheep flocks. Both breeds of lamb are renown for tenderness and succulence. From the progeny of the flock we sell lamb for freezers.

Traditional Scottish cut :-

Rolled shoulder, Leg Roast (bone in), Gigot, Chump, Single Loin, Double Loin, Flank and Shank, Kidney and liver.


"Airies Lamb" Whole Lamb
  Half Lamb

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