Please read these instructions carefully before continuing as incorrect use of the Sales Order Form may reveal personal information to third parties.

Sales Order Form
Please use this link to obtain a copy of our Sales Order Form which you will need for placing an order.

1) Right mouse click on the file icon "Sales Order Form".
If you see the Sales Order Form displayed on your computer screen DO NOT enter your order details directly onto the form . You must use a downloaded copy.
2) Select DOWNLOAD from the menu.
3) Save the file to a location of your choice.
Ordering by email
Open the downloaded file,  browse through the Sales Order Form and enter the information requested for the items you wish to purchase.
Save the file.
Start a new email message in your email program with a send to address as below

In the subject box type the words Sales Order
Attach the completed Sales Order Form file to the email with any other comments you wish to make and send the email.

Ordering by Post

Please complete and print out our Sales Order Form and send the printout along with your Cheque

 (if that is your chosen method of payment) to:

Hereford Prime Direct

Mains of Airies

Dumfries & Galloway

Should you wish to order by post and pay by Debit/Credit card we will take card details

 when contacting you to arrange delivery.


Placing your order by Phone

To save time, or if you need to check stock availablity or any other details,

 telephone 01776 853516 for helpful sales and service staff.